Trade-Ins Policy

Book Trading Policy:  

Customers are welcome to bring books by Monday - Friday from 10AM-5PM. You are encouraged to call in advance (707-733-3199) if you’d like to make sure someone is in to review your books. You are also welcome to drop off your books if there is no book buyer on duty; the remainders must be picked up within 48 hours of a phone call from us.

  • Books may be traded for store credit only.
  • Trading credits may be applied towards 50% of transaction.
    • How does this work in practice? If you have $10 in credit and buy a $10 book, $5 will be taken from your credit and you will owe $5 plus tax in whatever method you wish to use. You will have the remaining $5 for your next visit.
  • Credit may be used for new and used books only.
  • Books are selected by condition, our need for them, and market demand.
    • For fiction, we prefer paperbacks. For all other subjects, we have more space for both paperback and hardcovers, but do prefer paperbacks unless the book was published within the last year or two. 
    • Condition: please do not bring us books that are soiled or have suffered water damage. Ripped/torn pages and covers will not be accepted. Highlighting and underlining are strongly discouraged, though we may take a book if the demand is high and the highlighting/underlining is minimal. If the book is supposed to include a CD, sticker page, or other interactive component, it must include that component to be considered for trade. Please remove any and all sticky notes from books before you bring them in to trade. If your books are dusty or dirty, please dust/clean them before bringing them in to trade.


PLEASE NOTE: When you trade in books, you will need to take the books we cannot use with you. If you drop off your books and leave the store, it is your responsibility to pick up the books we could not use within 48 hours of drop-off or they may be donated elsewhere. We do not have the space to store books. Thank you for your understanding.


Pricing Policy

  • Used books are generally half the cover price – look for our sticker on the back of the book with the price.
  • All new books will be full price, with some exceptions listed below:
    • Certain new books may be featured at special discounted prices; these will be noted with a prominent sticker on the cover.
    • Book club pricing: orders of 5 or more books for a book club will receive 15% off the cover price.


Rare Books

Napa Bookmine does have a small selection of used books, which are listed online here!