TAROT CLASS // Tarot with Leslie Silver

Due to COVID-19, this will be a virtual event.

Join Napa Bookmine on Thursday, January 7, 2021 for virtual Tarot Class with Leslie Silver! The class will be an hour long and will cover: how to get started reading tarot cards with confidence, a short exercise to discover the meaning you already understand from the cards, and a review of the provided class handouts and how to work with them (attached below). Scroll down to learn more about Leslie or visit her Instagram here.

This is a virtual event. Tickets are $20 and must be purchased to attend. Once you purchase a ticket we'll send you the meeting link and password. Need a tarot deck? We offer a wide variety of Tarot card decks for purchase at our Pearl St. location.

Questions? Email read@napabookmine.com.


Leslie is a skilled and insightful Tarot reader and an innovative and effective Tarot teacher. Her skill in reading the cards comes from decades of study, not only of the cards, but of the act of reading itself. Frustrated by explanation of the cards in books, she went directly to the cards to learn their meaning. She honed her intuition by reading her world. Everything from tea leaves to chicken bones to traffic patterns were contemplated for wisdom and guidance. In this way, she developed a skill for noticing patterns, energy, shapes, signals and signs. Like a tracker, she learned how to see what needed to be known.

In her study of wisdom traditions such as the Medicine Wheel, Chinese Medicine and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, she found a blueprint for the movement and creation of life. 

Her innovative approach launches your education in the cards with images that come from you. Focusing on your questions and concerns, Leslie guides you to discover this same wisdom in your Tarot deck. The numbers, the elements, and your life experiences are clear anchors for understanding the cards. The scaffolding of meaning she teaches springboards you to discover their nuanced and empowering guidance in any situation. 

Leslie has been reading the Tarot cards since the early 1980's. She has been teaching classes since 1985. Her leap into Tarot came without formal training, so she had to discover for herself a system on which to anchor and build her understanding. With a focus on practical information, her readings are clear and useful. Her radical approach is card centric. Teaching is the natural outcome. 

Rev. Sonya Milton says, "Leslie Silver has a unique and effective way of bringing the Tarot to life in a manner that is both personal and universal." 

For over 35 years Leslie has been offering Tarot Readings and classes, sharing the wonder of reading directly from the cards, by noticing the truth a child could see. Follow Leslie on Instagram here.


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This is a virtual event
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