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Mary Anna Kruch // We Draw Breath From the Same Sky

“In this collection, Mary Anna Kruch moves in and out of the past: from stories of her parents and grandparents that began in Italy a century ago to those of her long marriage. ‘I will lean into the language of my family, contributing little – but understanding much’ Kruch writes, but through these poems, she contributes a great deal: the sights, smells, tastes, and voices of her personal history of loss and thanksgiving. ‘Oh how I wish you were here,’ she writes to her father, long dead, when she sits with relatives at her father’s childhood home in Pofi, Italy. Through these poems, Kruch invites all of us as readers to be there with her as well.” –Laura Apol, author of Ladder of Sun (winner of the Oklahoma Book Award)

“Mary Anna’s poems are written in a clear, straight forward style with a strong voice. They put on no airs, and the imagery is striking. Now and then a line reaches out and grips your heart.” –Terry Wooten, author of Stone Circle Poems (winner of the Michigan Notable Book Award)

Mary Anna will be joined by Napa Poet Laureate Jeremy Benson!

Mary Anna Kruch is a career educator and writer, having taught middle and university students over the past 45 years. Presently, she supervises student teachers when she is not writing or making time to be with family near and far. Recent poetry has been inspired by Mary Anna’s Italian family near Rome, the family farm in Northern Michigan, long-term relationships, family history, social justice, and nature. Mary Anna leads a monthly writing workshop, Williamston Community Writers; her poetry has most recently been published in River Poets Journal, Wayne Literary Review, Trinity Review, Portage Magazine, Red Wolf Journal, The Mark Literary Review, The Remembered Arts Journal, and an anthology, Loss: What Comes Next. Three more poems are forthcoming. Along with several professional papers, Mary Anna has previously published a textbook, Tend Your Garden: Nurturing Motivation in Young Adolescent Writers (Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing Ltd., 2012), which includes some of her early poetry, along with her research and practice of teaching writing to middle school students.


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