Cardstock Greeting Card Subscription

Cardstock is your very own greeting card subscription service!

Sign up for $22/month(+tax) and you will receive 3 cards, 3 postage stamps, and 1 vinyl sticker every month. Subscriptions are monthly and can be canceled at any time. Fill out the subscription form below to sign up and we'll email an invoice via Square every month for payment. Pending payment, your subscription will be shipped out the first week of every month! 

Each subscription will include a birthday card, a thank you card, and a "surprise" card unless otherwise specified. Subscriptions are totally customizable upon request. Do you especially love letterpress, raunchy, funny, or beautiful cards? Tell us what you love about your greeting cards and we'll tailor your subscription to your desires! We can also send all birthday cards, all "surprise" cards, or any other variation on the three.

We support artists who keep pushing the boundaries of what it means to make a greeting card. Previous featured artists include Shipwright and Co., Aya Paper Co., PapaLlama, and more!

Help us reach our goal of selling 100 CARDSTOCK subscriptions this holiday season! CARDSTOCK makes a great gift. Sign up your friends and family for a monthly subscription and we can include a message from you in the package!

Fill out the form below and get started today!

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