Bulk Orders

Napa Bookmine is happy to order books for your employees, party guests, event attendees, nonprofit organization, school giveaways, or any other event or reason for which you are giving away books! We offer discounts ranging from 15-35% off the cover price of the book, depending on its availability and how many copies you are ordering. Anyone is eligible to purchase books from us through our Bulk Order program if you plan to give them away.
To place a bulk order, fill out the form below or email Elayna Trucker at elayna@napabookmine.com and include information about your desired book title(s), including quantity, author, whether the book is hardcover or paperback, and ideally the ISBN(s), as well as the need-by date. We will then send you a quote. If you don't have a particular title in mind, please provide some information about you or your organization and the context in which you are giving away books, and we will be happy to send you a list of suggestions.
"I have been using Napa Bookmine for our bulk book orders for the last several years.  They have a thorough knowledge of all book titles.  Their attention to detail is outstanding and their responses to emails are always very prompt.  It  is a pleasure to work with the staff at Napa  Bookmine.  I recommend this bookstore to everyone!"
Debbie Mays, Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood Services, Napa County Office of Education
"Whenever possible we like to support our local businesses, and Napa Bookmine has been a great partner for the Napa County Office of Education. We have purchased bulk orders of books from Bookmine for our programs such as the Napa County Reads program and Early Childhood Services. We appreciate the excellent service from staff, and their willingness to help us find books at a price that fits within our public education budget."
Dr. Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools.
"First 5 Napa County leads several county-wide projects focused on children’s literature and supporting educators and caregivers in diversifying their libraries. We wanted to work with a local bookstore to support these efforts and we are so glad to have found Napa Bookmine! Bookmine staff have provided us with prompt quotes, updates on order status, and friendly customer service on every order. Thanks to Bookmine we were able to distribute over 1000 children’s books throughout our community in 2021! We appreciate this partnership with a local business and look forward to continuing to work with Bookmine to support early literacy in our community."
Lilea Heine, Community Programs and Network Manager, First 5 Napa County
Please note: we cannot offer our highest discounts for books that will be resold, either individually or as part of a package, or for books intended for classroom use, but do offer a smaller discount for books purchased in bulk even if you intend to resell them or use them in the classroom. If you're not sure which program you are eligible for, just email and ask! We are happy to answer any questions.
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