The Little Pink Elephant (Hardcover)

The Little Pink Elephant By Shannon L. Mokry, Shannon L. Mokry (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Little Pink Elephant (Hardcover)


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The little pink elephant loved to sing and dance. She is jubilant and boisterous.

"Hush, be still" she was often told. She would try, but the joy would burst forth.

She would sing and dance once more. "Join me " she invited instead.

Would they? Could They?

The Little Pink Elephant is a little different from the other elephants. This story encourages children to shine their brightest. The little pink elephant knows that its about spreading joy to others.

What Do Reviewers Have to Say?

"The little pink elephant is a wonderful story. I loved how even though she didn't fit in with the other animals, she didn't let them ruin her joy, instead she shared her joy with the other animals. She spread her joy to the jungle and al that lived there."- Amazon Reviewer

"My seven-year-old and I really enjoyed this story about a little elephant who just wanted to be herself. There were a few words my daughter didn't understand, like "jubilant," but it was a great opportunity to learn some new words in context." - Amazon Reviewer

"This was just about the sweetest book I have ever read. The Little pink elephant is filled with so much joy she can't contain herself. Everyone, including her mother, tries to get her to be not as loud or boisterous. This doesn't deter the little Pink elephant. Read this and share the joy, we always could use more joy." - Amazon Reviewer

Product Details ISBN: 9781951521233
ISBN-10: 1951521234
Publisher: Sillygeese Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
Pages: 34
Language: English