Black As I Wanna Be (Paperback)

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Black As I Wanna Be (Paperback)


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In this revolutionary work, Walker presents a much needed response to the most violate social issue facing our nation today-police brutality and institutional racism. Walker goes through the cases that grabbed our nation's attention and establishes an equally hostile and confrontational tone which so many African Americans have been historically confronted with.

Additionally, Walker delivers an impassioned plea to learn of past and present revolutionary causes and also encourages the reader to consider what they can do to use their individual talents to improve the lives of African Americans as he understands we are all responsible for each other's successes and failures.

Walker writes with the deliberate antagonism and aggression America has shown its Black citizens throughout time and finally holds accountable the country responsible for so much of the pain and suffering inflicted upon his people.

Product Details ISBN: 9781944242503
ISBN-10: 1944242503
Publisher: Ezekiel Walker
Publication Date: November 24th, 2015
Pages: 222
Language: English