The Dream And The Lie (Paperback)

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The Dream And The Lie (Paperback)


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The Dream: A belief that anyone, regardless of race, status, or class, can attain his or her own version of success or upward mobility within the American society.

The Lie: The idea that the "American dream" was designed to include all Americans.

Racism is a toxic mindset that was built into American society, and because of it the American Dream has remained out of reach for countless Black Americans. This collection of poetry by Sharran C. Taylor (Poet Kween Yakini) will highlight this systemic flaw that is directly responsible for the torment that Black Men, Women, and their children have had to endure since the 16th century. The facts presented in this book will show that being set free and being safe are two opposing realities for Black people, and this is why Black Americans have never truly felt safe in their own country despite being emancipated in June 19, 1865.

Thus, it is unconscionable for anyone to think that there is no need for reparations for Black Americans when it is evident that the consequences and effects of slavery still plague us today. No, these are not easy topics to discuss, but this is the type of conversation we must have in order to rectify societal issues such as police brutality, hate crimes, racial intolerance, employment discrimination, salary inequalities, and much more.

Furthermore, in light of the pandemic that we are now facing in the 21st century, there should also be more awareness and understanding about the skepticism that Black folks have because of all the medical maltreatments and experimentations of the past that were forced upon us without our knowledge or consent. Those actions should not have been taken or permitted in a country that claims all of their citizens are equal, yet there is no doubt that we were violated in many horrific ways. Author Sharran C. Taylor boldly states that because those American principals were not applied to us, then the theoretical American Dream must have had a lie in there somewhere.

The Dream and The Lie, will be a great read because it poetically expresses these historic events, while underlining the strength and resilience of the Black American Population. This poetry collection will provide readers with information about our past trials that will give them more clarity about the need and desires for a more inclusive America. Thus, let it be said that Black Americans are looking forward to the day when we all can share in the American Dream that our Ancestors fought and prayed for. Until then, we will continue to push for equal rights and prosperity for all people.

Product Details ISBN: 9781732371064
ISBN-10: 1732371067
Publisher: Sharran C. Taylor
Publication Date: February 27th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English