Dogs vs. Ice Cream (Hardcover)

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Dogs vs. Ice Cream (Hardcover)


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A must-have gift book for any dog and ice cream lover, Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a hilarious collection of priceless reactions when cute canines sample our favorite frozen treat. Celebrity dog photographer Diana Lundin provides a fantastic and unforgettable collection of images, from pit bulls to Yorkies, from Doberman pinschers to springer spaniels, boxers, dalmatians, poodles, and every breed you can think of who might like a scoop of ice cream!

After working as a reporter, a television producer and a website editor, Diana Lundin struck career gold when she returned to photography, her first love. After a few snake-bitten forays into other genres of photography, Diana's eureka moment came when she began photographing her neighbors's dogs and cats and knew squeaking plush toys and waving pheasant feathers would be something she would be doing the rest of her life.

Diana began throwing Ice Cream Socials for Dogs in 2014 and gained a reputation in Los Angeles for her humorous images of dogs meeting the cone. She estimates she has photographed more than 400 dogs eating ice cream and she can never get over the expressions they make when their tongues meet the frozen confection.

Besides her regular pet photography, Diana creates composite art through her The Secret World of Pets website. There, dogs and cats enter worlds that don't really exist but look as if they could. And maybe should. If you see a tuxedo cat or a black one on that site, they're hers. She makes Kiwi and Mango work. Ha.They don't work. But Kiwi will be the one to take a lick of ice cream.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641701426
ISBN-10: 1641701420
Publisher: Familius
Publication Date: August 1st, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English

"Ring in the dog days of summer with, well, dogs in Diana Lundin’s hilarious and heartwarming photo book Dogs vs. Ice Cream. From coiffed golden retrievers to graying pugs, dozens of furry friends get their supermodel moment enjoying a refreshing—and dairy-free—ice cream cone, in varying degrees of success. Bright backgrounds set off the professional portraits, adding whimsical pops of color to contrast the dogs’ fur and accent the occasional pink tongue. Distinct pet personalities are on full display as they savor every lick, cringe with brain freeze, or brave the all-in-one approach, revealing a new detail with every return trip through the close-‘pup’ and personal shots. Required viewing for fans of man’s best friend, Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a crowd-pleasing addition to any coffee table collection—that is, if you can ever put it down!"
- Foreword Reviews

Of all the things on display in my home, this photo book is by far the most popular with everybody! No one can keep their hands off of it when they first see it. Diana is a genius, and the way she captured my dog, Thunder, makes my heart smile with joy!

Cooper, Daisy, and I have gotten the preview of Diana’s wonderful collection of pictures from her ice cream socials. Cooper has let me know in no uncertain terms that he would like to attend one, if for no other reason than to show these dogs how it’s supposed to be done. There is so much fun in seeing the dogs’ different personalities and how they enjoy their special iced treat. Until we can travel to one of these magnificent parties, we will have to entertain ourselves with the simple drive-up window and this delightful book. It would be a treasured addition to any dog lover’s collection.

How do you make a dog happy?  Let them try an ice cream cone!  How do you make people happy?  Let them watch a dog trying to eat an ice cream cone! Dogs have unique personalities, just like people, and some dogs have never experienced such a wonderful treat. So when you witness the wagging tails, the wonderment in their big eyes, the drooling tongues of anticipation, you can't help but grin at the joy of their encounter!

Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a must-have book for all dog lovers! Diana combines colorful and vibrant images with sweet expressions that speak to the heart of every dog owner. Inquisitive, goofy, and sweet—I dare you to flip through this book without smiling!

Who would have thought of an ice cream social for doggies? Only a great creative artist with a camera like Diana Lundin who captured the cutest photos ever! Open up this book and you won’t put it down until you’ve laughed and enjoyed every one!

In Dogs vs. Ice Cream, Diana Lundin captures dogs in all of their sweet, comic disbelief at their incredible luck to be eating ice cream cones! These hilarious dogs look like they’re having the time of their lives! Dogs vs. Ice Cream is a must-have for dog lovers and ice cream lovers everywhere.

Dogs vs. Ice Cream is all about the snout shot, in all its dripping, licking glory! Not unlike a school yearbook, Diana captured the unique and diverse personalities of all the dogs in each portrait. I found myself imagining all these dogs as people, each one with stories to be told, each one better than the next. The dogs are funny, confident, silly, dramatic, artsy, cute AF, and some maybe even savage. It’s amazing what one frosty little cone can do to bring out the inner kid in each of our pups.

Funny, charming, and a little bit heartbreaking, Diana Lundin’s remarkable photographs reveal the essence of each dog’s true spirit.